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Your new go-to for adaptable comfort and style is the Everyday Shorts. These shorts were made with functionality in mind and are meant to be your go-to piece for every situation. The Everyday Shorts offer an adjustable and safe fit thanks to their rubber buttons and cozy elastic waistband with zipper. Belt loops allow for even more personalization to fit your own style. Our shorts are made of an 88% polyester and 12% spandex combination that is lightweight and quick to dry. They have four ways to stretch for optimal comfort and movement, and they also have moisture-wicking capabilities.

Burlebo Men's Everyday Short

    • Lightweight and Quick Drying 
    • Elastic Waistband with Zipper and Rubber Buttons
    • Moisture wicking for four- way stretch 
    • Double entry back pockets with zipper closure 
    • 88% polyester and 125 Spandex
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